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The Kimber Manufacturing is one of the most successful American firearm producer that is specializing in manufacturing, design and also distribution of various small arms such as the Solo pistols, M1911 pistols and rifles.


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About Kimber

What You Didn't Know About Kimber

The Kimber Manufacturing is one of the most successful American firearm producer that is specializing in manufacturing, design and also distribution of various small arms such as the Solo pistols, M1911 pistols and rifles.

The Kimber company has been producing firearms since the 1979, when this company was known as “Kimber of Oregon” and focused in accurate .22 rifles. They have shifted focus to a quite wide variety of firearms, such as the infamous 1911 which really many gun producers have capitalized on. This company is offering really lot of types of firearms that have become very popular among American shooters. This company has achieved success not only on the American market, but also in other countries around the globe. The US Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol Team is using a modified model of the "Team Match II" pistol chambered with .45 ACP ammunition. The LAPD adopted a slightly modified and specially marked version of the Custom TLE II in 2002 as the standard pistol for its SWAT unit. It was marked as the "LAPD SWAT CUSTOM II". Several other law enforcement agencies have adopted the Kimber firearms for on-duty carry by their patrol and the SWAT officers. In 2007 was added a new pistol which was designed by the LAPD Special Investigation Section to the Kimber's line of the M1911-pattern pistols. A modification of the Kimber 1911 was also adopted as the official sidearm of the Marine Corps forces assigned to Special Operations Command.

This company which is currently known as the Kimber Manufacturing was founded as the "Kimber of Oregon" by Greg and Jack Warne in the small town of Clackamas, Oregon in 1979. In 1968 Jack Warne moved to Oregon immediately after Portland-based Omark Industries purchased the Australian firearms producer, Sporting Arms and he founded  that in Adelaide, South Australia, following the World War II. After its founding the Kimber of Oregon, that quickly built a reputation for its accurate .22 long rifle caliber rifles, began to expand its production and acquired a second manufacturing plant in nearby Colton. During the late 1980s, this company began to struggle because the private stock started with offering fell short of covering the costs of developing the M89 Big Game Rifle. The Kimber of Oregon was sold to Oregon timber baron Bruce Engel in 1989, who founded the WTD Industries, Inc. Engel had difficulty running the Kimber and soon the company sought bankruptcy protection. The Kimber of Oregon's assets were liquidated. Several Kimber employees, for instance Dan Cooper, left the company to found the Cooper Firearms of Montana in 1990. Greg Warne tried to revive the Kimber in the mid-1990s, however much of the Kimber of Oregon's original tooling had ended up in the north of Portland.

 Warne soon found Les Edelman who has become his financial backer, who owned Nationwide Sports Distributors. Warne and Edelman purchased the original tooling and also partnered to found the Kimber of America. This company grew very quickly, however when Edelman acquired a majority interest of the Kimber, he forced Warne out. Besides this, whereas Edelman was partnering with Greg Warne, he had also invested in the Jerico Precision Manufacturing based in Yonkers, focused on producing of mechanical components and hand tools for the defense industry, that was adjusting to cuts in defense spending. Edelman finally decided to connect existing infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities of the Jerico Precision and Kimber's reputation and extensive network of many dealers to build a line of the M1911-style pistols.

Kimber facts

Kimber summary

Origin: USA
Founded in: 1979
Headquarters: Yonkers, New York
Parent: Kimber America
Products: automatic, semi-automatic guns, knives
Used in: law enforcement, military, personal use, competitive use
Handgun types: Over 24


Designer: Leslie Edelman
Designed: 1979
Manufacturer: Leslie Edelman
Number built:Probably uncountable
Variants:Over 24